Sprockets-rails PR needs approval to run CI


I opened a sprockets-rails PR recently ( Add rewriting of sourceMappingURL comment for css by fcheung · Pull Request #498 · rails/sprockets-rails · GitHub ), however as a first time contributor to that repo CI isn’t running my PR, so I can’t be completely confident that it’s all ok.

Can someone point me in the direction of someone who can approve CI running my PR?



Hi Fred,

Apparently this needs to be done by a maintainer. Most likely no one had time to review it yet. Hope they see this post. Meanwhile you could also do two the following:

  • Mention/assign your PR to a maintainer, better if related to that part of the library.
  • Find an easy fix (for example to the documentation) so that the PR gets easily merged and you become a contributor.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: