Problems with RJS w/ Lighttpd & Ubuntu

Really strange. Your config looks fine (although I speak from only
having run lighty+fcgi a few times, I've switched to mongrel+pen+lighty

A few more things to check:
- Make sure that the RJS action is even being hit by looking in the
development.log (you've told it to go into development mode on purpose,
right?). Also check this log to see if any exceptions are being
- Open up the rendered page and double check the javascript to make
sure the action is being referenced properly.
- Try hitting the RJS action directly with your browser to see what you
get back (provided you've not hidden it behind a request.xhr? check)

Anyone else? Am I missing anything?

Ooh, ouch.

Looks like others have run into this as well:

I like to use "logger" and "raise object.to_yaml" during debugging.
The former will harmlessly log into your log/#{RAILS_ENV}.log file and
the latter is so noticeable (and easy to grep for) it'll be hard to
miss it during a deploy.