Problems with Auth to my mysql db.

Hi, I am new to ruby/rails. learning fast but still getting stuck on key places..
so I have a db and a colum called email and crypt one is obviosly the email of the users and the other the password column.
so I have this controller for the main application controller:

sorry the title of my last email is confusing since looks like I am
having trouble with mysql, but no is with my code.

rek2 escribió:

> def self.authenticate(email, crypt)
> password = crypt
> if email
> salt = [{rand(256).chr}.join].pack("m").chomp
> expected_password = password.crypt(salt)
> if Users.crypt != expected_password
> email = nil

You do know that you need the salt to be the same as when you
originally created the user right? (if not what would be the point of