problems creating a simple auth, please help.

Hi, I am new to ruby/rails. learning fast but still getting stuck on key places.. so I have a db and a column called email and crypt one is obviously the email of the users and the other the password column. so I have this controller for the main application controller:

Like I said the last time you asked, you can't use a random salt like that - you need to use the same salt as when you created the user Users.crypt will try and call the crypt method on the Users class. I suspect you actually want self.crypt (to get the value for that user).


Hi, sorry I must to have missed your other email.. but if that is the only issue then why is not doing anythign at all? I mean it should "flash" me that the user/passwod was wrong.. this is why I suspect there is something mayor that I am not doing right here..

Thanks for your response hopefully someone can help me with this.

ReK2 escribió:

Yes: your form_tag doesn't specify an action, so is just posting to the login page, whereas you want it to post to the check action.