Problem with making Rails Web App - Netbeans IDE

Hello everybody,

first I would like to tell you I'm new to this forum and Ruby. I tried
Hackety Hack ( I love the Ruby language, since it'
s great to learn for beginners. It uses simple English-like commands.
And is very Linux-friendly (as I use Xubuntu 10.10).

Now I installed the Ruby enabled Netbeans IDE (Netbeans with
Ruby support and without support for other languages). I saw you can
make Rails Web applications with it. But in
project setup wizard Netbeans asks me to choose a database adapter and
you also have to choose a username and password (I chose the option
"Specify Database Information Directly"). But when I click on "Next"
nothing happens. When I choose no username and password, there also
happens nothing. I even don't get a error message or something.

Does anyone no whats going on?

Kind Regards,


Best advice we can give you is : use the console, always, no matter what ide you are using.

Use IDE for coding, and do all the stuff in console. There are tons of
tutorials and screencasts available. All folks use terminals. You just
won't be able to do anything.

As I remember, the Netbeans have an option "Initialize Rails project
with existing sources" or something like that. So you do everything in
terminal, run your app, and then open it with Netbeans.

Could you explain to me what you mean with 'do everything in the
terminal'. And give a good link for beginners.

Could you explain to me what you mean with 'do everything in the

Use the command prompt to manage your application.

And give a good link for beginners.

First thank for the tutorial link. I already read a piece of it. But at
3.5 "Create a database" I have a problem. I have to use the command
"rake db:create" but the terminal tells me:

Which directory are you in when you run rake? You should be in the
top level of your rails application (the one with subfolders app,
config etc).


Thanks! It worked! A dumb mistake of me.

All right. And ask questions if you stuck. That is what community for )