First rails hello webpage is not showing with netbeans ide 6.9.1

I tried to run my first hello application running on the netbeans ide 6.9.1,but is showing some problem with webrick server setting.

Are you just telling us that in case we are interested or are you asking a question?

If you are asking for help then just telling us that you have a problem is not enough information. We are not telepathic. You must at least post the error messages you are seeing.


We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly. Above 2 messages are coming as error message Actually I started with new ruby on rails project with webrick netbeans 6.9.1 I generated one controller "say" and one view "hello". And I changed "welcome" to map.root :controller => "say" and deleted public/index.html file. After that I set as main project and run the project then it shows the above 2 messages as error Please help me to get hello page

You need to look in the server terminal window to get more information. I don't know how to see that using netbeans though. It will also probably be available in the file log/development.log.


development log attached


Did you look at that yourself first? It says, on line 8, that it could not connect to the database.

I think perhaps you would be better first to follow the advice I give to all newcomers which is first to work right through a good tutorial (such as, which is free to use online). That will show you the basics of rails.


Remember, we all started somewhere and were initially clueless too.

I have given database credentials for the hello application, it works fine.

My question is "when I dont use database still is it required to give database credentials?" please reply

I think the accepted answer to

should work.


Thank you, In the beginning you helped a lot.

How to handle helper files adding modifying with new definitions and using? If you have any link kindly send me.


I believe the tutorial I suggested covers helpers. Please take a couple of days and work right through the tutorial including the exercises. That will show you the basics of rails. You will recover that time very quickly due to your increased knowledge of the basics.



I would like to disable mysql connection from netbeans ide 6.9.1,What are the steps to be taken specific to ruby on rails application You have given above link, that is not giving proper information(ex:application.rb is not there in the jruby 1.5.1) Please help me in this regard


Firstly this is a mailing list not a forum (though you may be accessing it using a forum-linke interface) therefore it is important to quote the previous email when replying, otherwise we may not know what you are talking about. In this particular case I do not know which link you are referring to.

However what you are asking does not make sense. Any rails application will have a file config/application.rb, the particular version of ruby you are using is irrelevant. I suggest you explain in more detail exactly what the problem you are trying to solve is and maybe someone can help.


Actual problem with the windows 7 user do not have enough privileges to access xampp mysql database. If we find some way to give that user to access xampp mysql database my problem will be solved. If any solution please reply


I presume you are talking about developing with rails on Windows. My suggestion to get round this problem is to not use Windows. Install a linux environment (such as Ubuntu) in a virtual machine on windows or even better (IMO) dual boot the machine into win/linux. Then develop with rails in linux.

I know some do manage to develop on Windows but there are not many and it will be difficult for you to get help with windows specific problems.


After creating the inbound rule with all program permission in the control panel firewall, its working fine in windows Thanks, Rajesh