New here. Trying to integrate databases. Netbeans??

Hi folks,

I'm new to RoR development, but highly enthused! I'm often confused
by all the options and commands associated with accessing databases.
I tried RoR using Netbeans 7, with the Rails plugin installed, but
found that only compounded the confusion. Does anyone use Netbeans
for RoR? Can anyone help me connect to my MySQL db?

Much thanks!

I would advise against trying to use Netbeans though some disagree.
Just use a good editor and use the console for commands.

What stage have you got to? Have you managed to install rails and
create an application?

See the Rails Guide on getting started if you have not got that far.


I second Colin not to go with Netbeans. Just take a good editor, for example Textmate on Mac.

You do not provide much information on your current level or your concrete problem, therefore just a few links: