creating login form using netbeans

can any one tell the the procedure to create the login form for the project using netbeans or any IDE?

How many times?!

Whether you're using Netbeans or any othe IDE has *nothing* to do with
creating functionality.
If you're following *any* getting-started tutorial, they *all* cover
authentication in some level - yet despite being recommended several
times, you don't seem to be doing so.

You can also use any of the many Gems that offer this functionality;
have a look on Github, or Ruby Toolbox:

PLEASE: separate your learning from your IDE - I'm a big fan of
Netbeans, and have used it for several years, but it's a tool, not a

dude i refered many getting started tutorials but login form (authentication) i dint found anywhere…

can u suggest the the suitable gem to use…

Any of the Gems on the Ruby Toolbox link I gave you are probably
suitable - it's up to you to evaluate them and see if they suit your
need - some will have different functionality to others.

I don't think you looked very hard:

...the first result is this (which you have been pointed at before):

...and if you scroll down to section 10, it covers a very simple
implementation of security.

i got it i got it. sorry i waas refering to some other link…

ya now it wil work,. tc thanks