Wondering if anyone can help me. I am having terrible problems
installing plugins for my rails app. Tried to install
simply_searchable and all it did was create a folder in the plugins
directory. I do not have subversion, I was trying to install
acts_as_ferret but that didn't work either, even said it was
installed, but it is not there, just an empty directory. Actaully I
am just looking for a simple way to put a search form to search for
records in my database, but everything I try doesn't work. Tried the
simple search at the wiki, but all that did was generate a no method
error. Very fustrating. Any help would be appreciated. I am a rails


For most plugins, installing just means copying some files into vendor/plugins.
By default script/plugin install will just try and do an svn checkout or export so not having subversion could easily kill it. Have you tried installing subversion ? You might need the actual binaries rather than something like tortoisesvn