Install Plugin

James Cumming wrote:

I am new at RoR and don't really have much of a programming background.
I would like to know how to install a plugin.

For example, I'ev downloaded the file from ruby
forge and placed in in my vendors/plugins folder. Now what??

Any help will be appreciated.

Usually you install plugins by either the script/plugin command or by using piston.

But a Rails plugin is really just a subfolder to vendor/plugins conforming to a set of conventions. As such you should be able to install a plugin from a zipfile by unzipping it to a folder below vendor/plugins

James Cumming wrote:

Ok so now I have extracted the contents into vendors/plugins/upload_column . I've noticed there is no install.rb , will the plugin work without running the install program?

Usually there's no need to run any install programs no.

Any particular reason you're not simply following the guidelines from the project homepage[1]? The part about getting the plugin in particular:

script/plugin install \