Plugins/Gem Download Slow


I'm new to Ruby on Rails and I'm trying to install some plugins/gems,
but for some reason when I go to install them it takes the script a
long time to start downloading, and even when it starts downloading it
seems like the downloads are being capped as they are much slower then
normal internet downloads.

Thanks in advance,
Bryce R

I've been trying to upgrade Rails to 2.0 and I've also been trying to
install the Google chart gem -


Windows or Linux? I notice that in windows gems take forever to install
and sometimes seem to hang, plus consume a large proportion of system


Mac OS X 10.5.1

I have no idea, sorry. Are you running something like "gem install foo",
or is there special mac package manager? On gentoo linux, the package
manager installs the gems quickly. Could be a platform issue, maybe.

But, lotsa rails developers are mac users, apparently.