Rails extremly slow on WinXP

Hi everyone

I just installed ruby using the latest one-click-installer and rails
with the latest gem.
When I run any generator it takes about 1 minute for it to complete.
There is no output for a minute or so and then everything gets done
within just 2-3 seconds.
Has anyone seens something similar?


An earlier post on this topic mentioned that it can be really slow if you have files on a network drive and you’re using a wireless card.

While Rails on Windows is slow, it’s not that slow. I’d expect a g enerator to take about 10-20 seconds to run. Are you using a local database?

thanks for your response.

I have a purely local installation. Everything on this one PC. The
database is also on the same PC.
It happened after I formated my harddrive and installed everything
I didn't use to have any problem with my old install. The generators
worked pretty much instantly back then.
I can't recall what versions ruby and rails I've used on the old
install though.