rails incredibly slow, 30 seconds for rails -h

I've installed rails on my dual core rather fast toshiba laptop.
Everything but rails seems to work just fine.However "rails -h" takes
over 30 seconds to display the help. It takes a few seconds even to
display the version.

Doing things like "rails demo" take many minutes but finally complete.
Starting the rails app takes many minutes (about 30) but then finally
the browser brings up the Welcome aboard page. It's running well, just
incredibly slowly.

Ruby itself appears to run just fine, though I don't have any
applications as large as rails to compare.

Advise me, please. Thanks!

Perhaps worth reporting: when running rails -h, the CPU meter is
pegged essentially all the time, with ruby.exe consuming one whole

We've managed to show that Ruby itself runs very slowly on my machine.
I'll take the question back to the Ruby list. Will report if anything
interesting comes up and would appreciate a direct email if you have
any really good ideas.

The two laptops seem neck and neck except running Ruby.