plugin installation

I'm using InstantRails 1.6, Rails 1.2.3, and TortoiseSVN to commit my
code to the server.

Now, I'd like to use the tabnav plugin:

C:\applications\shop>ruby script/plugin install svn://


There is nothing happening, and no tabnav is in vendor/plugins. And I
don't have webrick running. What do I do wrong?



Humm. That's a good question. I tried that command on my Mac and all
was cool.

I'm assuming you ran:

C:\applications> rails shop
C:\applications> cd shop
C:\applications\shop> ruby script/plugin install svn://

If so then you aren't doing anything wrong, so it must be something
broken in you tools or other configuration.

how does it cue?

Tortoise Svn doesn't work, too. I think I'll reinstall it as well as
Instant Rails. Let's see if it will work then.

Now I reinstalled InstantRails 1.7 and TortoiseSvn successfully. The
application works, and I can update the changes in my code to the
server. But still, InstantRails doesn't install the plugin.

C:\>rails noidea
      create app/controllers
C:\>cd noidea

C:\noidea>ruby script/plugin install svn://


I made it another way, using in a partial view.