Problem installing plugin with SVN


Can you explain a little a mor eabotu what you are trying to
accomplish, and where you are at thus far?

-Are you trying to set-up an SVN server and repository for managing
and versioning the rails application you are creating?

-Are you trying to set-up and SVN client so you can checkout/install
plugins, etc from SVN repositories into your rails application?

-What OS are your on OSX, Windows, or Linus/Unix?

-Are you using an IDE such as Aptanta?

Some general thoughts/tips:

for general SVN information and downloads look at:

for a free yet powerful graphical subversion client look here:

for a Windows IDE I use Aptana and it make life much easier: or

for a RoR stack that includes Subversion (SVN) look here: or search for InstantRails 2.0.