please help me in stalling Ruby on Rails...

I am new to the platform.
I have used manual instaaltion.
1) downloaded ruby latestversion and installed. ruby -v = 1.8.6
2) downloaded .zip package of ruby gems, extracted and run setup. gem -
   = 0.9.4
3) downloaded all dependencies rake, activesupport,active record,
   actionpack,actionwebservice, actionmailer and installed using - gem
   gemname --local command
4) downloaded rails.gem and installed using - gem install rails --
    rails -v = Rails 1.2.3
5) added c:\ruby\bin to path variable.
6) created an app using - rails app
7) changed to that folder and issued - ruby script/server
    this command gives only the following output
    c:\ruby\bin\app\>ruby script/server
    => Booting WEBrick server...

thats all and when i try to open a browser with http:\\localhost:3000,
it says the page cannot be displayed...

please someone help me.. I am using windows XP with Nortron Internet
Security... I am eally desperate of this and kindly someone help me
of this... please...........

1. try instant rails:

2. you don't have to say you're desperate, this list's population is
very helpful (and sharp).