paypal-express gem

Hello everyone

I am using paypal-express gem for Payapl payment.

I am using reference transaction method to get money from Paypal.

But i am getting IPN i.e payment notification,

I mentioned like

payment_request =

:currency_code => :USD,

:amount => 10.00,

:billing_type => :MerchantInitiatedBilling,

:description => “test”,

:custom => ‘test’,

:invoice => 2,

:notify_url => payment_notifications_url,

:billing_agreement_description => "


but i am not getting any notification on “payment_notifications_url” this path.

Anyone experience with this?

Thank you!

Hello Doug

Thanks for the reply.

I was tested in staging only, but I didn’t get any IPN from Paypal.

And also I can’t able to pass custom values like “custom” and “invoice” fields but we can pass this fields to Paypal and get its from Paypal payment_request details but that too not working. “description” field only i can able to pass and get “description” value from Paypal payment_request method.