Paypal automatic payment

Hello Everyone

I am using rails 3.2.8 and using Express checkout.

The concept is, once the user confirms shipping in Paypal website, next time I have to bill next time payments automatically for that user.

So in my case its working now like every time user need to log-in when clicking Paypal button and have confirm shipping address.

But how can I implement, direct payment from our website for

all payments after the first time user confirms in paypal website.

I heard about reference transaction using Billing agreement id we can do automatic payment. But I didn’t find any tutorial for rails.

Can you guys provide any tutorial links?

Thank you!

Have a google for recurring payments with Active Merchant or Spree or another major commerce "engine". This is a well-solved problem. I believe there is a RailsApps recipe for a recurring payment (SaaS) system here:


Thank you Walter.

I found ‘paypal express’ gem. It was helped me for Reference Transaction Payment.