Noob Install Failed

Happy Holidays,

I am new to RoR and have just run through the install, which well
seemed to be vaquely documented as some 'Do this' type of thing on
the page.

download gem

gem install rails

rails path/to/your/new/application
cd path/to/your/new/application
ruby script/server

and then ( drumroll ) ....

Follow the instructions on http://localhost:3000.

Unable to connect to Server ...

Advise Please.

Has this possibly got something to do with the fact that I am on
Windows XP and the install script is choking because of white space in
the path, like in "Program Files"?

Hello again!

I call it tautological learning ... you stick out your finger, get
burned and don't do that again, else, you don't get burned and you
internalize the response with the option for modification in the

Yep, the white space in the path was the culprit. I wanted to
stuff all web stuff in my Apache htdocs dir to make things easy to
back up. Apparently, rails was not willing to accommodate.

The install worked OK if I simply chose a path directly off c:

Not what I wanted to do, but ... OK, success is a better option than


The ip address is not a problem - is shorthand for 'listening
on all interfaces'. The syntax error is really weird though. When you
do rails app_name it creates a bunch of files for you. Some of them
are just copied verbatim, others are templates with some bits of
information filled in on the fly. config/environment.rb is one such
file. Hard to be sure without seeing the whole file but from the
excerpt of the file contained in the error it looks like the template
for environment.rb was just copied verbatim, without being evaluated.
I suppose it's possible that funny path names were part of the reason
- easiest way to find out is to try again in a different location.


Quotes are good for wrapping spaces

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