Nominating Sean Griffin as a Rails Core Team

Hi all,

I would like to nominate Sean Griffin to be included as a Rails Core Team. Sean is a very smart and talented person, and I’ve seen him contributing a lot to Ruby on Rails in regards to performance and Active Record. Those commits were very legit, and it helped shaping up the performance of everyone’s applications.

Based on his commits ( Sean started to contribute since 2013, went on hiatus for a while, then continuing a solid contribution since May 2014. Given a short time, he’s now ranked #20 on the contributors list.

With this contribution trend, I think we’ll keep seeing a solid contribution from Sean coming in more and more on our transition to Rails 5, and I think Rails Core Team should consider him to be included in the team.

Thank you,



Tho I likely do not have a vote, I would second that. Sean has been an immense help in both the value and willingness to reach out and participate to those working on and supporting ActiveRecord… hence Rails.

For example, Sean has been present in the activerecord-sqlserver-adapter Gitter room since I set it up. Not only is he making ActiveRecord sane from the inside out, he has created an unprecedented level of communication to those these refactoring involve the most. His openness is only outweighed by his technical skills and it has been refreshing to work with him over the past few weeks. Certainly rewardable if you ask me.

Aside, as of yesterday, SQL Server is now ready for ActiveRecord 4.2 :slight_smile:

  • Thank you Prem for bringing this up.



Appreciate the nomination, but discussing this on this list doesn’t really have a lot of upside. If any candidate is suggested, and the suggestion isn’t immediately followed, then it just ends up shining a negative light on the candidate. That’s not in anyone’s interest. There can be all sorts of reasons for why even just the timing isn’t right.

On the particulars, Sean has done great work for Rails. We’re all better off for his contributions!

The core group will take the nomination under consideration, but for future reference, please ping any Rails core member if you wish to nudge or suggest a new member. Thanks!

That’s totally make sense, DHH. Sorry about that.

Thank you for taking this nomination into consideration.