rails survey

Is anyone currently working on a Rails survey of any kind? alistapart
put together a great survey (http://www.alistapart.com/articles/
2007surveyresults) but I haven't heard about anything Rails-related.

I know there was a fundraiser for documentation a while back, and the
results are awesome. I would definitely donate to an effort to create
a well-crafted, quantitative survey about the Rails ecosystem. I
would also spend 20 minutes filling it out. The alistapart survey was
just about the right length, but while it was about the people, I'd
like to know more about the tech:

- current rails versions
- where the apps are hosted
- development editors / IDEs
- gem management
- rvm usage
- ruby versions / interpreters / vm
- databases / persistence layers
- plans to upgrade to 3, if not why not
- likes / dislikes in the codebase
- perceptions of the upgrade process (easy/hard, high value / low
- deployment strategies
- gems / plugins in use
- logging / monitoring tools
- traffic / load (high volume / low volume, large / small datasets
- industry / content area

Of course, it could also cover things about people:

- whether they've submitted a patch to rails
- whether a patch was accepted
- whether they've written docs
- whether they've attended conferences

But I'm personally less interested in that. I think this kind of data
would be helpful as rails moves forward, especially as it relates to
the tech specs of rails apps in the wild.

I've seen the hosting Survey (http://rails-hosting.com/Results/
SurveySummary.html) but I was thinking of something more independent
and ambitious. Maybe one we could repeat every year.


I really like the gist of this! I am especially curious to the particular roadblocks in place why people wouldn't have upgraded their app to Rails 3 yet.

I think it would be great to track trends such as what testing frameworks people are using as well as authentication libraries.

Putting this up on a Google doc would be handy, as I think that's how Hampton Catlin does the Ruby users surveys. Perhaps you could ask him for tips?