Ruby on Rails Company Survey

Dear Railers,

for my bachelor's thesis I would like to research adoption factors regarding the use of Ruby On Rails. To do this, I need to have responses from at least 100 RoR companies and I'm wondering if you could pinpoint me in the right direction to set this up. In the coming weeks I will have to develop a website where companies/programmers can fill in the survey, so I can analyze the results later on. I would like to have as many responses as possible and therefore my question to you is, are you willing to participate in such a survey?

The purpose of my study is to find out what technical and non- technical motivations are present among companies to use RoR. Since there is no (recent) publication on this topic, I'm really really hoping a lot of you are willing to help me out.

Please reply with your thoughts on this research.

Kind regards,

Michel B

I've only just started to push RoR commerically, but I'd be happy to participate if my input is useful :slight_smile:

I believe all of your input is useful :slight_smile: I need as much feedback as possible to make the results more valid. I'm not quite sure how to promote this survey. Should I set up a website where people can fill in the survey and be listed on the site as a direct reward? Should I contact RoR blogs/sites in order to promote the survey? Which sites should I consider?

I'm also eager to know what are the barriers or hesitations from people that don't want to participate.

If you want to participate, please send an email to and state your contact information (company name, email address and perhaps other useful contact information).

Please reply to this topic if you have any feedback whatsoever.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

That is m DOT barbosa AT cicaboo DOT com

I think what would maybe be useful and give more back to the RoR community, is to do as you say and set up a survey website, but also allow the inclusion of case studies. That way companies get listed, and visitors learn about RoR in action. Seems like you could kill a few birds with one stone :slight_smile: