SQLServer Adapter

Development and application of patches seems to have ceased on the
sqlserver adapter. I would love to share a patch that rolls up some
of my patches and other patches gathered from trac. The only problem
is that they would most likely fall of deaf ear.

I officially want to volunteer my time as a someone who will help
maintaining the sqlserver adapter. There are others out there who
would like to help as well, and I encourage them to reply in this

There are plenty of improvements to the adapter including workarounds
for limit/offsets, actually maybe even splitting the adapter into
different versions to support 2000/2005, and I know some of us want to
get a jump on support 2008.

What do you think?

I’m in. It might be beneficial to start a separate google group for this so our discussions don’t clutter the rails-core group. It would be great to get some momentum going on the SQL Server adapter!

Rich C.

Hey, sorry about the lack of development. I'm going to try and pick
things up over the next couple of months but after that I don't intend
to maintain it. So if either of you (Rich or Bryan) want to take
over, I think you've both put more than enough work into it to

A new group is a good idea (maybe a group for all adapters though, not
just SQL Server as issues are ofter cross-adapter). Also, I
understand there's some work on allowing adapters to be provided by
gems/plugins. That will make it much easier to distribute
experimental features and should speed up the pace of development.


No problem Tom, I’ve been totally overwhelmed with stuff at work the last couple of months as well. It’s hard to find time for everything!

I created a google group for SQL Server adapter discussions:


which should give us a place to discuss what we need to do w/o cluttering up the core group…

Rich C.