SQL Server Adapter in github.com/rails

A few of us are putting some finishing touches on the latest SQL
Server adapter and plan to have it ready for a rails 2.2 release. My
question is should we create a new github account that would be the
official repo for it or is there a possibility that it can be hosed
under the /rails as a project with a group of us added as

It would see to me the easiest thing maint wise would be to create our
own official space on github vs the disparate repos we have now, but
thought I would ask.

- Ken

I would vote for having a dedicated 'official' repo. It would help
sort out which version is the 'one'.

Rich C.

Rails core decided long ago that it will not host adapters (other than ones currently in).

So, separate repo +1

You will have more control.

Will do! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Ken

Will do! Thanks for the feedback.

If you'd like push access to a repos on the rails account, we can give
that to you. But I agree with mislav, let's get people using your new
repository instead.

We can remove our one and replace it with a fork of your official one
to make it clear who's in charge.