[Newbie] System Profiler


I am fairly new to Rails, and I have been wanting to make a System Profiler, one in which is used in a containerized server. (Not Virtualization, but one that uses Jails; FreeBSD). However, I am getting stumped at where to start, or even some of the simplest commands to do this.

This is where I am starting:

I want this to be able to grab the systems PHP Version, MySQL Version, Rails, yada yada. Are these going to be simple system calls, or are there more advanced approaches (like the mysql.get_server_info()) that ruby offers?

Secondly, I am going to be introducing a system of authentication methods. 1. Administrator of the Server (All Jails, and Backend) 2. Administrator of the 'Client' Server (Specific Jail)   2a. Users of the 'Client' Server (Specific Jail) In Addition, I will also be keeping track of the following: 1. 'Client' Servers ip, name, created/updated, and 'users' (Which I cant decide whether or not to put this in a table itself, or have users point to other tables), and what is 'turned on' for the jail (php, mysql, etc) 2. 'Client Servers FK to their respective Backend Server, which will keep track of what versions are in use (php, mysql)

Pretty much I am add the stage where I know what I want, yet its hard to portray and explain...so any help on how to approach such a solution would be great.

Please email me back, or reply and I will hopefully start a great discussion!

Thanks in Advance, Jason Cameron

Does Anyone have any suggestions? I am completely stumped as I am looking...

Jason Cameron