A question, or two?

Hi --

While it is my first post I thought I'd say "hello" to everyone, so


A little run down about me, I'm a junior developer looking at expanding
my knowledge in programming languages and, in this case, frame works.

I've experience in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and some basic Ruby and RoR.

The main reason for making this post was to ask a question regarding
rails. Question as followed, a lot of thanks to those that help answer:

I've had RoR running for about 3 months on my box and played with it but
only on a basic level. One thing that has just come apparent to me is
the fact that to access my rails application I go through port 3000
like: This gives me access to one rails application
but what happens if I have more than one? Can I only run one per server
while using the development server that comes with each rails

It depends on which server you're using, but all the ones you're
likely to use take a command-line argument, probably -p, to give a
port number -- like this:

   ./script/server webrick -p 3001


   mongrel_rails start -p 3001