server performance , out of memory etc

i was wondering what a typical setup for a small web app is.

my challenge currently is that my server kills some processes because im out of memory.

i am running ruby 2.3, nginx, passenger, mta, sidekick.

i have 4gb ram and i am on digital ocean. i have barely any traffic on the site.

what “should” that server be handle?

what does your configuration look like? care to share configs?


Wow. That's quite a lot of RAM to be starved like that. I've been running four moderately-traffic'd Rails apps, along with a smattering of PHP apps, on one "droplet" with (I had to go look at the control panel) 1GB RAM and 30GB SSD. It's been up and running for four years. There's a Rails 3.2 app, a Rails 4.0 app, a Rails 4.2 app, and a Rails 5.1 app. There's also two major PHP apps that get a lot of love from mostly spammers, and one minor one that never gets any traffic. I'm not holding this up as a bastion of good devops, but just to give you the counterpoint that your server is probably not your problem.

What application server are you using, and which database? I'm on Passenger (mod_passenger compiled into Apache), using MySQL.