Need a sample file of dispatch.fcgi, dispatch.rb, .htaccess and .htaccess in root that working on Godaddy !

I'm currently working on godaddy hosting that support ruby on rails. But i found out all the tutorial on and other place don't work. I need to know how exactly how to setup. But i failed, so i need a sample of those file from anyone who willing to share their experience with me.

Please teach me and include sample files.

Thank you for your kidness help!!

a) This list is for discussion of the development /of/ Rails, not development /with/ Ruby/Rails    You should ask questions like this on the general Rails list (Peak Obsession)

b) While you may get someone to help you, most people that have the ability to "teach you" are probably going to interpret the above message as "please do this work for me for free". I'm not saying this is what you intended -- just that the message comes across that way. The quality of the answers you get will probably reflect this. You might want to take a look at How To Ask Questions The Smart Way