Mongrel Cluster Warning Messages on Startup/Shutdown

I recently updated my mongrel installation through gem update and now
I am getting the following messages (multiple times) whenever I start
or shutdown my clusters.

** Ruby version is up-to-date; cgi_multipart_eof_fix was not loaded

It seems my sites are running fine, but I never like repeated warnings
like this.


It’s not a warning, just a message. Older versions of Ruby have messed up CGI multipart handling, which is fixed through a gem. Mongrel is built to support multiple Ruby versions, and as such lets you know if you should upgrade Ruby through this message.


Quick reply! Do I need to remove any particular gem then to remove the
message, or just expect the message from now on?

You need the gem. If you want it to go away, you have to upgrade Ruby to the latest version. If your setup works, just leave it be and treat the informal message as it should be treat: informally (i.e. ignore it’s there).