Media Temple or Dreamhost

I have a feeling this question has been asked (if not many times) but I was wondering what people’s opinion are that have dealt with both.

Which has been a better RoR application host?
Which has had the best uptime?

Which is more customizable, as far as adding gems, etc goes?


I am also trying out MT but I'm on my way out it seems. It has a lot
of potential but for some reason my app (which I host now on three
other servers just fine) seems to keep growing on size and it ends up
being killed. I also run into problems with their Urchin stats. My
rails app don't seem to taken into consideration into the stats. Their
support is good for small things (you can call 24/7) but if the
problem is mildly complex they tell you to write a ticket and it takes
24-48 to get a response. So far I'm not very impressed with their
support at all. BTW, I have hosted with Dreamhost and I would not go
back. They are just not good with performance and stability.

Hope it helps,


They have their own RMagick gem and although I have installed it I
haven't tested it yet.


I have only seen complaints about Dreamhost. I host with
Railsplayground (don't let the name fool you, they are very
professional) and love their service. I recommend them to all of my
clients. I have heard good things about Planet Argon. There is also
Engine Yard and Rails Machine.

Sorry to make your decision more difficult, but you should really
check out these other sites as well.


I've been with DreamHost for about a year and my experience has been a
mixed bag of potatoes. On the one hand I think they offer a well-priced
product with (in my opinion, good support) nice features. On the other
hand, they're not for five-nines fact they're not for the
faint of heart hosting :slight_smile: So if it is a mission-critical, biz-oriented
site, DH would be off my list! Now, if it's for your personal use or
perhaps a small biz site I think they are a good value. I'm pretty
happy with RoR on FCGI on my shared boxen there (when it's up). Runs
fine and have yet to get the much feare Error 500 (with the fix they
published in their Wiki). semi-answer your question...if you need the server and the
rails app to be up at all times, and ultra-fast, responsive support and
redundant data-centers...DreamHost is NOT what you'e looking for. If
you just want get your toes wet and hack away Rails apps and if you're
looking for lame, pseudo-intellectually-unfunny newsletters then DH is
the place for you :slight_smile: Poor Josh...he's just trying too hard (read his
blog LOL).