Master thesis on Rails

Hi everyone,

This year my company ( will have a student doing his master thesis with us, and need to come up with a topic. I was wondering if there was anything on Rails tangentially related to his areas of expertise that could benefit from a person working on it essentially full time for 6 months or more, for free.

He’s mastering on both distributed systems and parallel computing, as well as Internet of Things and biometric systems. He already has a good familiarity with Ruby and Rails.

So, I’d like to know:

  1. Is there any specific part of rails or feature to be implemented that he could work on?

  2. Is anyone on the core team interested in getting involved with helping him out?


Luis Zamith

Http 2 Is something that pops into my mind when I think something I would like to see in Rails. I know Aaron P. was working on it, but not sure how far he got.

What is the status on HTTP 2 ?

HTTP2 Early Hints are shipping in 5.2.0, which is currently in RC.

More details:

—Matt Jones