Release Retrospective

First off, congrats to everyone for getting Rails 2 released. A lot of work went into the release, and it's good to see us reach this milestone. And now that the release dust has settled, I think it might be useful for us to have a retrospective and evaluate how the release went.

I think the Ruby on Rails project has improved a lot this year, and this is another opportunity for us to learn what we can do to improve our release process for the future. In this latest release I saw some stuff that worked well, and a few things that were problems, and some stuff that could be improved pretty easily. I'm sure others have useful feedback too.

I've never done a retrospective online, but I'd guess some combination of email and campfire would be effective. Maybe set the stage via email, collect some initial feedback and distribute it, and then have a focused conversation in campfire once people are all prepared. That's just one idea for how to proceed, but I'd be happy with any approach that looked like it would be effective. I expect the core team has some good distributed discussion practices it's worked out that would work too. I think the point is to keep the discussion productive rather than either a lot of mutual back-slapping or a big bitchfest pile-on.

Thoughts? Anyone from core want to make this happen. I'm happy to work with folks to help out.

I don't want to introduce a road block but if this happens (I have no reason
for it not to) it would be really valuable to have Koz take part and he is
currently basically off the internet for a few weeks in southeast asia. So if
we wanted to get him included we'd likely have to make this async or postpone
it for a bit.


And btw, I should say explicitly since my last email seemed rather ambivalent
that I think what you are suggesting will likely be quite valuable and I'm
interested in hearing your feedback on what was good and what could be
better. It's a good idea and your email was throughtfully written.


Good to hear. As for Koz's participation, I agree he should be
involved. But I expect it will take a bit to set up and coordinate
this, and holidays are coming up soon, so the real-time event probably
couldn't happen until early January anyway. In the mean time, it
would be good to hear from people who are interested in participating
or want to have input. This thread should probably stay high-level and
not get bogged down in details of lessons and actions, but there's
plenty to talk about in terms of goals and how to proceed.



Perhaps it makes sense to get a basecamp / wiki setup for this so
people can start to contribute notes and mark their willingness to
take part?

  - james




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