Anyone want to wager on when Rails 2.0 is going to be released?

Thought this would be an interesting cross post, and a couple people on the core team list thought it belonged here anyways. So:

Just thought it might be fun to see what a prediction market says when Rails 2.0 is coming:

Yes there have been discussions in the past about a date this is going to be released. A person has said "quite a ways out", another has said "some time in the future". That's fine. I can't fault anyone for these estimates. I totally understand and in no way am badgering anyone working their butt off on the release. However just like the jelly bean jar where the wisdom of the crowd can eerily get the correct number of beans by averaging their answers, I was attempting to use this approach to quantify peoples thoughts on an estimate of when Rails 2.0 will get its first release or pre-release.

It's free to sign up, no ones going to get an email about viagra, and we don't even send an annoying newsletter. :slight_smile: Just thought this might be a new approach to come up with something valuable for those who plan things around new releases of Rails.