RoR Roadmap

I've been looking around for a "roadmap", something that shows planned releases of RoR. I'm working with RC2, and I'm curious what and when there will be new releases.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,

The Rails 1.2 release is “any day now”.

From the Canada on Rails conference (Apr 2006), my notes on DHH’s presentation have:

They’re working on Rails 1.1.x and would like to have 1.2.0 out before the end of the year, and will do 2.0.0 at some unspecified future time.

How’s that for a nebulous roadmap? They’ve come pretty close to that “before the end of the year” thing. One of the important things about Rails 2.0, is that it will have as much stuff removed as it will be adding new. Stuff that crept into the core, which doesn’t belong there, is getting booted out (will be available as plugins, just not in the core any more). In terms of the new additions to Rails 2.0, think “REST”.

I suspect if you want to nail down more details, you’ll have to attend RailsConf this year, or start living on the “edge”.

Regards, Lori

Hi Lori,

Thanks for the input. I'm "on the edge" already. Some of my "friends say I've been that way for years, but I think they are talking about something else :slight_smile:

I know 1.2 pulled stuff out too, like components. Thumbs up to DHH for being aggressive about doing "the right thing".