Is there a roadmap or feature list of some kind for Rails 7?

First, please note that I’m not asking for release dates or anything like that.

Does anyone know what the plan is for Rails 7? It seems like there won’t be anymore Rails 6.x minor releases. It would be great to see what’s “in” for 7.0 and what’s “out” (if anything).

Maybe it’s just me, but Rails major releases have always seemed somewhat mysterious, and it would be nice to have a bit more transparency around what the core team is working on. I try to follow the GitHub issues and PRs that are tagged with a milestone of Rails 7 but it seems incomplete, to say the least.


Hi @Jeff1, You might want to subscribe to the “This week in Rails” newsletter that is released every week by the Rails commiters:

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There isn’t a nicely parsed changelog for all of Rails 7 yet. For now you can rely on the changelogs of each of the projects within rails:

Note: All changelogs for Rails 6.1 and prior are moved out of the main changelog, so they each contain only what is relevant to Rails 7!

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Thanks Peter, but I’m asking about what’s left to do, rather than what has already been done. Just trying to get a sense of the scope of Rails 7.

Thanks Petrik, looks like a valuable newsletter, but that doesn’t seem to be released by the Rails core team itself, but rather someone else (you?).

Anyway I’m asking about future plans for Rails 7, not a digest of what’s already happened. I already get that from

@Jeff1 It’s an official newsletter that is released by the same people that maintain the blog.

You can see some things in the active branches: Branches · rails/rails · GitHub One of the major things for Rails 7 will be replacing webpacker/UJS with Hotwire. See

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Rails does not have official roadmaps. I’ve seem in the past members of the Core Team and the Maintainers talking on twitter, blogs, etc about things they were working on for the next release of Rails (eg: Eileen on multi database support, DHH on importmaps), but that’s it. That said, Rafael França is the Release Manager, so he probably has an idea of what the core team wants done before the release. I’m pretty sure that it won’t be before DHH is done with importmaps.

That said, my favorite features are usually added by the outside contributors. Like 6.1’s Active Storage Proxying and 6.0’s Active Storage Vips support. So they’d not be in a roadmap anyway :grinning:

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It looks to me from the archive of the newsletter like it actually has the same content (note same article titles) as I don’t know whats’ up with that, but anyway.

Note that tells you what has already happened on Rails unreleased main branch. This does in fact give you a view of whats coming in Rails 7, it’s the stuff that’s been committed for Rails 7, not yet in Rails 6.1. Seeing what’s coming in next version of rails is one of the things I find it most useful for, since most of what it covers won’t be available until next version of rails!

I agree with you that I’d like to hear more big-picture stuff about planned work, not just PR-level about already-done-work. BUT, the blog is one useful place for seeing what’s coming!

The only other place I know is trying to see what DHH is tweeting about or whatever. When I try to follow that, it is often talking about things as if I understand existing plans that I have never heard about before and I get very confused, but that’s what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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