Rails 2.0: Preview Release

Extra, extra. This just in: Rails 2.0 has gone preview release. Read
all about it on http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2007/9/30/rails-2-0-0-preview-release.

Excellent. Any sense of the likely schedule from here to 2.0 release?


Faisal, from David's first two paragraphs, I'd guess that they don't
have any fixed date/timeframe for 2.0 final release. I'd guess it'd be
somewhere between 30-75 days from now. May be the xmas gift :slight_smile:

Vague as that is, that's the kind of timeline I find useful. And or something like "we foresee 30-60 days of pounding bugs and if all goes well we'll spin a couple release candidates" which tells me the release is 95% likely within 120 days.

Note for those just joining the thread: these are not real schedules. We are speculating on speculations.