Looks like an error in docs for ActionDispatch::Routing::Mapper::Resources

Please take a look at this page:


It reads:

    Set a path prefix for this resource.
        resources :posts, :path => "admin"
    All actions for this resource will now be at /admin/posts.

For me (Rails 3.0.9) it routes to just "/admin", not "/admin/posts".
In other words, it just renames the "posts" part of the URL to
whatever specified rather than adding a prefix. I actually like this
behavior (this is what I was looking for), but the docs are

Can anyone else check if the :path option works the same way for him/

Just checked it, and you are correct. It looks like the API doc for
this has been fixed in 3-1-stable and master:


but this hasn't been back-ported to 3-0-stable (yet).


Just pushed a backport for 3-0-stable. Thanks!