changing the path for map.resources

Hi there, just starting to get my head around routes but have a problem that I can't google my way out of. I have a restful resource that's mapped as:

  map.resources :terms

which gives me localhost/terms, however I want it to be localhost/ buzzwords instead.

I tried using path_prefix but this just added the prefix before / terms. I guess I really want a path_replace kind of thing...

Refactoring the code would be a real pain. Is there any way to do this in the routes.rb file?



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Or the other way round:

map.resources :terms, :as => 'buzzwords'

See the other options for resources here resources (ActionController::Resources) - APIdock



many thanks guys, I ended up using the , :as => and it did the trick.

thanks for the link felix - it's now in my bookmarks!


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