Changing routes


Well I am working on an app and wanted to make some changes on the URL's. I have the following:


Any ideas, or is this not a very bright idea after all?



Hmmm I am not pretty sure, but try checking the path_prefix and name_prefix methods.


Well I tried those methods, but that doesn't solve the problem. It seems to me that when using map.resources there's no way of taking the controller name out of there. I think the only way is mapping each routes independently, which I don't and that will get long.



Hmmm, what I was trying to say in my last sentence is that mapping every route independently will be a tedious task.

So, path_prefix indeed worked.

You can use:

map.resources :events, :path_prefix => '/:group_id'

and it works! Just in case, anyone encounters this in the future.