Breaking between resource name and resource URL

When I say:

map.resource 'hello'

How can I specify a custom URL for the resource "hello"?

Or, to put it a different way:

how can I use the URL "hello" but use different named routes?

As of now, it will use: * Resource name: hello * URL: /hello * Controller: hello (in some Rails versions [edge?], mistakenly used 'hellos') * Named routes: edit_hello, new_hello, formatted_......._hello

What I want is something like: * URL: /hello * Named routes: edit_world, new_world, formatted_......._world

The reason is because URLs are rich (I may also want to put '/' or other special characters like '-') that aren't possible for a named routes name. Or I probably want to change only the URL but retain the named routes name, or the other way around.

What I'm trying to do specifically is to have: URL: /your/account (/edit) Named routes: your_account, edit_your_account Controller: Your::Account (controllers/your/account_controller.rb)

I'm posting this to core because the routing behavior seems to be changing between 1.2.3, 1.2.3.update, and (soon) 1.2.4.

Nope, you can use named routes for your own conventions. Or better yet, take the example of map.resources and write your own. I've seen something like map.report_on for custom report routes, for example.