Looking for reviewers of my book on marketing for programmers. Any takers?

TLDR: I’m a Rails programmer/solopreneur who got into online marketing, built a marketplace website, and just finished a book about the same that’s written for technical readers with web-based startups. Now I want to recruit early readers to review it (good or bad–as your please). Any takers (non-binding, of course), send me a message requesting a copy here:https://www.jackkinsella.ie/customer_support_requests/new

Long Version:

Six years ago, I programmed a web app, but it didn’t get much traffic, so I started researching everything on online marketing. I thought the best way to learn would be from other marketers, so I started a private Berlin-based marketing group with consultants and company owners. Through these sessions, I was privy to tactics from marketers working with companies like Goldman Sachs, Amazon Audible, Delivery Hero, Research Gate, etc. To balance things off, I also conferred with peeps active in the darker side of internet marketing, like shady coupon website owners and fitness ebook sellers.

The book, which is the product of these sessions and my own experiments in applying the ideas, outlines a multi-modal system for growing a website. It dips into SEO, Google AdWords/Facebook Ads, Conversion Optimisation, Copywriting/Classic Persuasion/Behavioural Psychology, Google Analytics, Statistical Significance, Email Marketing, and Remarketing.

I relegate the explanation of implementation details to footnoted links and instead focus on explaining the overarching principles and mental models needed to start dabbling in each area. I hope to get you 80% of the way there, leaving the rest to specialised texts on each topic.

My book has a special focus that will appeal to the programmer crowd in that it goes into detail on the issues that websites face when implementing online marketing strategies, like domain names choice pitfalls, internationalisation woes, and potential for keyword cannibalisation through URL structures.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: