self introduction - rails newbie here saying hello

hey folks, I am a marketer adventuring into the realms of rails... so I figured I should drop in with a hello to everyone and introduce myself. I run a design & marketing company called Volcanic Marketing. My main experience and knowledge is in the field of marketing. I started out with designing websites, moved into putting together multimedia CDs as well as flash development and then transited into executive roles.

I'm using an e-commerce project as a test case for learning rails. I've got the design ready to go. Just need to figure out how to convert mock-ups into a live application.

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. Hello.

~ mel

Melvin Ram Volcanic Internet Marketing

You're obviously a skilled marketer.

Welcome to the world of programming with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, it's fun. Get yourself a book!

Hi gemblon,

Nice to meet ya.

~ mel

Hi Ian,

Nice to meet ya. I got the Agile Web Dev w/ Rails book since it's written by David. I also have access to the Rails Cookbook via Safari Bookshelf. I read a few chapters of Rails Up and Running but that wasn't helping as much so I returned that one.

Have you found any particular books to be really helpful for a total newbie?

~ mel

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. Hello.

~ mel

Greetings, Mel. I also used the AWDWR book. In fact, I bought the hard copy + PDF and I continue to use the PDF as a reference.

Enjoy the ride!

Peace, Phillip

P.S. Oh, do try to not confuse me with the Phillip that Ryan mentioned. Whoever he is, I'm sure he's much more knowledgeable than I am.