Announcing "Ruby Newbie," a new Ruby on Rails blog aimed at beginners

Unlike most of those who blog so eloquently about Ruby and Rails, my
day job is unrelated to computers. But let's face it, I'm obsessed.
What to do? Start a blog!

I apologize in advance for the name "Ruby Newbie" (http:// It's hardly original, but I love it.

Here are the articles so far (7/15/07):

* Despite reading a gaggle of Ruby and Rails books, I still wasn't
entirely certain how code in models, controllers, and views interacted
with each other. What is their scope? Can a controller call a method
in a model? If so, how? -- you can't just call the method. Exactly
what goes in the model_helper.rb files? Is there a place to put
methods available anywhere in a Rails project? So I created a dummy
project to play around with. Here's the report and a copy of the
project you can download.

* Recommendations for books for the rank beginner to Ruby and Rails

* Where to learn more about Rake

* Generate local copies of RDoc documentation *you can find* for Ruby,
Rails, and gems. (To date, I haven't found a way to access all the
stuff installed with MacPorts.)

* Further investigations into the mysteries of "self" and why it
matters to beginners

---Jim Gagne---