Looking for help on contributing to Rails

I’m looking for some advice on contributing to Rails (and other large projects).

I will provide a specific scenario.

Here is a pull request that was merged a year ago.

In the past month, three people have commented that this introduces another issue under certain circumstances (you have an index on a field).

What do I do if I want to take a shot at working on this?

The file that was edited has had 10 commits since the pull request in question was merged and currently looks a bit different than it did 10 commits ago.

Here are some specific questions:

I’m not sure I fully understand what the original issue was (why a pull request was submitted in the first place). Therefore, if I wanted to set up a Rails project that exhibited the issue that the pull request was created to fix, how would I do that? In other words, how do I determine which version of Rails contains the version of the autosave_associaton.rb file as it was immediately before the pull request was merged? (Or can I install a specific version of Rails based on a Rails Github repo commit?)

If I do end up implementing a fix for this in the current version (Rails 4.0), how can I also issue the same fix for a previous version of Rails (3.2.x)?


If you don't get anything helpful here (this list is generally for
help with using rails rather than developing it) you could try the
rails-core mailing list.