Partiallity in merging pull request

@DHH @rafaelfranca I see on the latest code that rafael merge the pull request Replace `map + compact` with `filter_map` by MatheusRich · Pull Request #42053 · rails/rails · GitHub But reject my same pull request days ago. this one is my pull request Using filter_map for performance appraisal by adityapandit17 · Pull Request #41780 · rails/rails · GitHub The changes in both pull request are same. It seems like this is some partiality with me. He merged same pull request from his Brazil group but not mine. This is really not done. This really hurts me. This make me unclear to contribute to any other opensource or even to rails. I am demotivated to open another pull request or contribution because of people like rafeal my pull request should me merge because I opted for that pull request changes first. I need clarification from you guys. I am really frustrated.

Sorry about that. There is a clear difference between the two changes in my opinion. Your PR was about “merge this to get speed”, while the other one was “we now don’t support this version of Ruby anymore, we can use this new feature”. While we really don’t accept changes based in micro benchmarks, we do accept changes to clean our codebase of unsupported versions of Ruby.

It is not my intention to discourage you but if you really want to contribute to Rails and become a Rails Core member maybe a better way of doing it would try to fix issues that are opened in the repository or real problems that you found in your application. I’m happy to support you on that even spend some time working with you in those issue. Let me know if you are up to that.


Thanks @rafaelfranca, I would really really like to work with you on those issue. You can close this topic now. Sorry I was out of mind. That was my fault. and now it really look bad on you guys. I was confused. Let me know How we can work together and making rails more better. I wanted to learn things with you. Thanks

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Hey, no need to be sorry. You thought something was unfair and you pointed out. Let’s chat about future contributions. I’ll reach out.

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I’m going to piggy back off this issue just in case it will help me. This pull request will celebrate its first birthday this month unless it gets merged Add Amazon SES/SNS ingress to ActionMailbox by bobf · Pull Request #39364 · rails/rails · GitHub

The original developer got some feedback on it. The feedback was addressed, but now it is just stuck. What else can I do to help?