What can I do for rails core?


Yesterday, I created my first pull request here : https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/7189. It was a huge experience for me and I want to thanks all the participants for the discussion.

This mail is for the same subject than for the mail I sent yesterday to the rails group. I send another email because I had no answers and I think this group is more appropriate.

Now, I’m very motivated to do other contributions but I don’t know what to do. I know than I can see the existing issues and try to resolve them but I don’t know which is approved or not. For me, a to do list would be better.

So, where can I find some work for Rails?


If there's an Issue that is open, it's one that needs tackled. I
generally go through the new emails each morning and try to cut out
the issues that aren't actually issues, so they're usually only open a
few hours.

Pick your favorite component of Rails, and then sort by it. For
example, maybe you like ActiveRecord:
I think that's the best way to start finding something.

- Steve