joining google groups?

Were you posting from a Gmail account? If so, you're not going to see
the message you sent echoed in Gmail. It's there, but you have to
check your sent mail to see it until someone else replies to the

What name were you using?

-- James

Were you posting from a Gmail account?

yes and no, i used the webinterface from there i
added this group to my subscriptions. the message wasn't sent via gmail
itself as mail.

in settings for this group i've choosen to read this group only in

looks like it isnt possible to use this group this way. do i need to
send a mail to the group instead of using the webinterface?

What name were you using?

the same name as above.

ok, the previous answer worked from web interface.

looks like that i cant see the post until someone has replied to it. a
strange behaviour.
but they arent in my send folder too.

its strange too that i cant see my first posts from the web interface
i think the first posts from this morning are lost in googlespace.

thx for your help.