Job Posting - San Francisco - Developer Needed

Hello, Ruby on Rails Community,

This opportunity is HOT!

Two partners and I have been working on a web startup in an area
that's just about to take off. It's socially beneficial and fun, with
great upside potential, and limited downside risk. It's a company
with a solid revenue model that works from Day One that will fund
future development and growth of the company.

We need an experienced website developer familiar with Ruby on Rails,
who can work with me to go from a spec for a launch version of the
site to production. The application involves user content management
and financial transactions such as credit card charges.

I was previously system architect for an award-winning website. I
subscribe to the web design principles espoused in the book Don't Make
Me Think by Steve Krug, and our team embraces the startup philosophy
of the book Getting Real by 37signals.

Krug's book advocates clean, simple design that doesn't confuse users
or make them work too hard. Getting Real suggests quickly releasing
something simple that works, then continuously revising and improving

This is a great opportunity for the right person to get in on
something with society-changing implications, and the potential for
achieving financial independence. We want someone who will contribute
their efforts in return primarily for an equity share. We believe
that we'll be able to take the concept to launch and quickly be self-
funding after that, thereby avoiding dilution of equity due to
dependence on venture funding.

If you're interested, please contact me immediately:

Jeff Perrone