Installed Rails, problem with 1st Application

so i installed ruby+gems then fetched rails and now i want to start
with an apllication but i dont quite get it:


Make your application

Create your application skeleton and start the server:

rails path/to/your/new/application
cd path/to/your/new/application
ruby script/server

You're running Ruby on Rails! Follow the instructions on http://localhost:3000.

i dont get exactly what im supposed to write there.
1.the location of rails on my harddrive C:\ruby...or what? do i write cd.. cd.. cd cat in one command?
if thats what im supposed to?
3. this i dont even get?

and is this supposed to be written in the Scite-editor then laucnhed
from cmd?

and does it matter if i use / or \ in the path descriptions?

nevermind im an idiot it should all eb run from cmd ldo.

If you need help with other stuff don't be afraid to ask. :slight_smile:

Glad to see you got it working.


Welcome to Rails.
The number one enemy of those new to rails is the fact that Rails
changes so fast that most of the online tutorials are outdated. Take a
lot of what you read with a large grain of salt.

Good luck and don't be intimidated. It's a steep wall.