Improving Rails Coding Quality

Hello guys,

I have been coding rails apps for the last 12 months. I realised that when I skim the code of experienced RoR developers or Ruby Gems in Github, my coding style and way of thinking is being affected positively. I just want to improve my skills and write better, more clean code in Ruby & RoR. Can you tell me some well-written (according to you ofc), recently developed gems or repos you remember which I can skim over.

Have a nice year btw!


take a look at the devise code.

You can give a try to rubocop.

W dniu środa, 31 grudnia 2014 16:45:57 UTC+1 użytkownik Mehmet Cetin napisał:

It's not Rails, but look carefully at how Lotus.rb is written. This is master-class Ruby at work, making a new MVC framework similar to Rails, but smaller scope, simpler, and with less of the natural buildup of time that Rails has enjoyed. I haven't tried using it yet, but I saw the release announcement and started reading the source, and it's really quite lovely.